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Sprint Product Ambassadors: Using The EDGE On Your Galaxy S6 Edge


The thing that puts the S6 Edge on the cutting “Edge” of tech for mobile is how it allows you to obtain information. With the Note EDGE being the only other device currently on the market with this feature, it can be somewhat confussing and overwhelming when trying to figure it out.

For starters, Samsung helped us out a bit with this, you do not have to dig through windows and windows of settings to find the EDGE settings list…Simply go to the Device Settings and scroll to EDGE. I have added it to my “Quick Settings” list so I don’t even have to scroll to anymore, another nice neat feature baked into this device!

Once there, and there is where things can get a bit overwhelming at first…but again Samsung helped us out by putting a nice appropriately sized 4 panel scrolling informative section on this first page…each panel describes and shows you a bit for each of the features that are below. Then Samsung added even more info once within that setting!!


Edge Lighting:

Turn this feature on and your EDGEs will light up when you get calls or notifications – while your phone is turned over – If your people edge is on the color will indicate WHO it is coming from….more on that in a bit.

  • Quick Reply

You can also elect to turn on quick reply as well….this allows you to simply reject and auto reply to an incoming call…just by placing your finger on the heart rate sensor for 2 seconds (the sensor is where the camera flash is.) After you turn this on be sure to customize your quick reply message!!

People Edge:

This area is where you can turn on and set up your peps that will appear on your Edge when you drag them over on the home screen. So turn it on and then select your (up to) 5 contacts by choosing:

  • My People options

Once there you can edit select the contact you want or you can “edit” the order/number that appear. If you press the color dot next to your contact it allows you to choose a color for your contact….THIS Color will be the color to indicate this contact if you have Edge lighting turned on!!! Finally, back to the People Edge main page, you can elect to be alerted if there are updates you may have missed from your 5 peps when you pick your phone up, after having it sit for awhile…personally this has helped me stay out of the dog house when I have missed a text or call from my wife

Select Notification:

Here you choose what notifications you want to have displied…from your missed calls, messages and emails.

Information Stream:

We'll come back to this...

Night Clock:

This allows you to set up, up to a twelve hour window in which your Edge will display the time and date information when your main screen is turned off….think bed side clock…I honestly thought this was unneeded and gimmicky at first…..but after using it, I have found it very beneficial. No longer do I have to turn my phone screen ON/OFF in the morning making sure I haven’t overslept, or seeing how much time I have left to sleep…this, I feel, actually savings battery life since it is using far less resources and power consumption than lighting up your entire screen for a second and then repeating the process, for me at least, all morning long!

Edge Screen Position: Pretty straight forward…which Edge do you want to use?


Information Stream:

Ok this where the fun is! So turn it ON.

Now the best tip/trick/words of advice I can give you: For me the most frustrating/perplexing thing was that after I set up everything and went to use it, I only saw the main Edge Display (Weather/Time/Date&Batt)…I felt silly when someone told me “you have to swipe up and down to access each Information Stream.” So remember that! What’s cool is that it will scroll each stream that you stop at as if it’s a news ticker on your favorite news/sports channel.Screenshot_2015-05-21-13-03-08.png

First you will see that you have to swipe your finger along the Edge and back in ONE QUICK MOTION while the main screen is off to execute this…personally the first time never gets it, so I just swipe back and forth a few times real quick, no biggie but could use some tweaking Samsung.

  • Edge Screen Timeout: Now before we select our feeds, set your edge screen timeout…this is how long the info stream will remain on sans activity before turning itself off. This is helpful because, unlike the night clock, the information stream is in beautiful color, and therefore draws more resources and uses a bit more battery…..

  • Weather: Now knock out your Weather settings, if you hadn’t done so in your initial setup of the device….im waiting….wait make sure you selected to show it on the Edge Screen!!!!’s cool I’ll wait will you knock that out too….ok….now to the Manage Feeds area.
  • Mange Feeds: by default you have 5 options….Yahoo Finance, Yahoo Sports, Yahoo News, Twitter Trends, and Briefing Feed.

    • With Finance you select your favorite stocks, and that info will scroll when you are on this feed
    • Same with Sports, only with your favorite teams and their score(s).
    • News scrolls the stores correctly being posted on Yahoo News.
    • Twitter Trends, simply scrolls for you what is trending on Twitter right now.

    • The Briefing Feed will show you what app notifications you currently have….you can turn on/off each app notification individually from the settings of the briefing feed.

So these are nice and fun, but there is more!

    • You can hit the Download More option and it’ll take you directly to the Galaxy Apps page for the EDGE Exclusives/Specials. Currently there are three additional feeds, all FREE!!!!
      • WhosCall Caller ID and Block is an app that allows you to block any number you select from coming through to your phone…it also uses the web to gather information about the number calling you, if it’s not in your contacts. It uses the web and user feedback to, let’s say, identify that 18005555555 is telemarketing, or harassment and/or sales/ads…etc. But by downloading this app via the Galaxy App Store you get to add this function into your Information Stream as well! Personally I just started using the Edge WhosCall Feed, so I’ll leave it at that…I do enjoy the main app though and have for awhile now.
      • Next is the RSS (Real Simple Syndication) Feed for Edge…this is my favorite and most used. This will allow you to set it up to where you input what RSS feeds you want to be able to scrool through when activated.

Now if you are new to RSS feeds you need to know that the RSS Feed URL is not the URL of the site…it’s a separate URL…for instance: will take your browser to Sprint’s Newsroom to read about News from Sprint…to get this on your RSS feed, so you can browse the headlines or new articles without navigating on your browser, you would use the url: Now they aren’t all as easy as adding /rss.xml after the web address. In fact you can create your own customized feed with a little time and know how, as long as you can access the API of the site you want to create an RSS feed for. For more information on RSS Feeds, Custom creation and/or creating a feed for YOUR site check out: Secrets of RSS written by Steven Holzner or Utah Education Network’s Site . Personally if I can’t find the feed link I need/want I just Google it!

      • Then finally there is the BILD Newsticker, but this appears to be in German, based on the screenshoots, description and user reviews L

        • There are now 86 background images!
        • You can choose the type of font, the color of the font, the size of font.
        • You can put a custom message instead of the calendar
        • It also displays the battery percentage.
        • Updates it's screen only 1 time per minute to keep battery usage low.
        • Added support to choose a custom image should use 2560 by 160 for best results.

        • -The light bar effects.
        • Text animations - Now you can choose transparent by changing the background to transparent (You will see your wallpaper when on the home screen this way)
        • Many new animations to choose from and many more to come.
        • Also has randomized option for demo like purposes, constantly rotating the animations.
        • The animations use minimal resources to conserve battery.

The craziest thing is that we are just at the beginning stages for what the EDGE can do…It’s going to be fun as newer things and more developers jump on board!!!!

Mike Stenger at Techradar summed it up well:

“The Galaxy S6 Edge…isn't another concept. It's a serious bet on what Samsung believes is the future of smartphones. So far, it's a bet that appears to be paying off, at least with carriers. Shortly after the March 1 announcement of the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge, Korea Times reported that Samsung received 20 million pre-orders. This is a record for the company, and five million of those pre-orders were for the Galaxy S6 Edge.”

So there you go…a pretty comprehensive overview of the EDGE basics and some extra’s to help you get the most out of this amazing technology.


Disclaimer: The Product Ambassadors are Sprint employees from many different parts of the company that love technology. They volunteer to test out all sorts of Sprint devices and offer opinions freely to the Community. Each Product Ambassador shares their own opinions of these devices, therefore the information in this post does not necessarily reflect the opinions of Sprint. The PA's do not represent the company in an official way, and should not be expected to respond to Community members in an official capacity. #sprintemployee.