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Why you should get the S6 Edge over all others: Sprint Product Ambassador


What makes the S6 Edge a little better than the alternate? The edge display has its uses other than just looking really cool. Notifications, stock ticker, peoples edge etc... These are all a reason to spend the extra few bucks to get this awesome device. I love being able to put the phone on my night stand in the night and see the time illuminated.

The Peoples Edge is not a wrestling move by The Rock. It is a great feature that may help not make enemies at your local movie theater. You the user can set your five favorite contacts, when your at the theater keep your phone screen side down on your lap or arm rest. When someone from your conact list calls or text the affiliating color will highlight letting you know who is contacting you.

The Information stream is another feature that highlights and lifts this phone above the standard one. You the user can set what you want to see. Sports scores, stock tickers and the latest new reports. The information stream will save you time and battery life as the rest of the screen stays dark as you flip through your stream. I suggest everyone get the S6 Edge, its just a great device.

s6edge 1.jpg



Stanny George