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galaxy s6 edge default music player album art


galaxy s6 edge default music player album art

ive been having trouble getting album art to properly show up. for awhile any song i add wouldnt have any at all. so i manually went in and took out ALL the music on my phone in order to get rid of the file that was causing the issue. once i loaded ONE song back onto my phone by usb to see if it fixed the issue it seemed like it did. the song i added had the correct album art. so i tried loading yet another song,..and BOOM that one has the exact same song art as the last one, which is incorrect, so i deleted both of them, then added one song to see what would happen. and the song ended up having the same song art as the first song i added. how do i fix this issue and jus make it song when i add a song the correct cover art shows up without going through all this craziness

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