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Galaxy S7: Unfortunately the process has stopped

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Galaxy S7: Unfortunately the process has stopped

On 12/10/2016 my Galaxy S7 developed the following failure:

Any time I began a query using the Google APP (either by saying "OK Google" or entering by the "keyboard") I would receive the message "Unfortunately the process has stopped)

Recommended fixes including clearing the cache and saved data of the Google APP and three separate "phone" apps shown in application manager did not solve the problem.

Factory reset of the phone resolved the problem.  However, the automatic update of the Google APP to version caused the problem to recur.

Through an online search, I located the .apk  for Google APP version at  This seems to be the last version which works properly on the s7. 

I would like to keep my phone up to date (for security), so I contacted both Samsung and Google customer support.  Their best guess is that the problem will resolve when Nougat is pushed to the phone next year.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Re: Galaxy S7: Unfortunately the process has stopped

I just went through this. No matter what I did the error screen was up and I had to navigate through my phone pressing "ok" to clear it only for it to pop right back up, so basically my phone was useless. I tried everything except taking it to the Samsung Experience center inside of Best Buy for a software reflash as Samsung Customer service recommended vs sending it in. I decided to just factory reset my phone and have not had issues since, it appears my phone is fully up to date. My husband has an s7 as well and he has not yet experienced this error. We'll see what happens...

Re: Galaxy S7: Unfortunately the process has stopped

What is the version of your Google APP?  (Applications-->Application Manager-->Google App ??

Interestingly, the latest update to seems to have resolved the problem.



Re: Galaxy S7: Unfortunately the process has stopped

Mine says Hopefully we never encounter this problem again!
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Re: Galaxy S7: Unfortunately the process has stopped

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