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Preparing camera to store music on sd card


Preparing camera to store music on sd card

I have a new 7s Edge.  I've added a 125GB SD card.  I want to put my music library on the SD card.


Directions I've found aren't very helpful; most concern themselves with HOW to transfer music files to the Drive.


I'm presuming that the music player is set find the file folders in a specific path.  I cannot find a setting got how to change that path.


1.  Do I create file folders on the SD card?

2.  If so, what , what folders to I create?

3. The alternative, I guess, would be to move the folders from "internal" to "sd card".

4.  If "3" is correct, what folders do I move to the SD card?

5.  Once I have the sd card configured, how do I properly set up the music player so it looks to the sd card for my library?


Thanks for your help.



Sprint Employee

Re: Preparing camera to store music on sd card

Hello helgo15.

We are happy to help. Since it is a new card the first thing you should do is format the SD card in your device. For the S7 this is how:


  • From a Home screen, tap Apps (located in the lower-right). These instructions apply to Standard mode only.
  • Tap Settings.
  • Tap Storage.
  • Tap Format SD card.
  • Tap Format SD card. If presented, enter the appropriate password, PIN or pattern then tap Continue.
  • Tap Delete all.

When you Format the SD card the phone will create folders where you can store the different types of information. ( Music, Apps ect.)

When you remove the card from the phone and adding music from your computer, you can add folders to the SD card. Once you create the Music folder you can transfer the music on your PC to the music folder on the SD card.

To copy the music on your internal storage to the Music folder on your SD card.


Here is how:

  • Go to apps.
  • Find my files on the device.
  • Find downloaded music stored on your device.
  • Select all the music files on the stored on the device and move to the new music folder you created on the SD card.



Sprint Social Care

Re: Preparing camera to store music on sd card

Your reply worked - sorta.


[1] I formatted the SD drive.


[2] I used the USB cable to connect the phone to my desktop.  That's where my master music library is located.


[3] The library is maintained with iTunes.  I don't know what, if any, problem that causes.


[4] I used a 'copy' command to select the folders/files from within iTunes >> iTunes Media >> Music.


[5] There are 1,336 Folders with 1,700 files totaling 10.5GB on my desktop


[6] The copy process took over two hours.  


[7] At its conclusion only 734 files had transferred.  Not one of those 734 will play.


[8] On the phone, the song title appears in the music player as you would expect.  When you select any song, the error message "failed to play track" appears.  I don't have time to check all the tracks.  I did a random check about ever 60-70 tracks, always with the same result.


[9] As an example of what I see on my phone, when I follow the path 'Card >> Music >> Music >> John Mellencamp', the folder "Human Wheels" is present, but there is no content in the folder.  


[10]  I double-checked the desktop, and there are songs in the appropriate directories.


[11] The SD card stands at 3.41GB of 125GB.


The only thing that loos abnormal to me is the 'double' music folders.  A music folder exists on the SD disk.  The iTunes library is also in a folder 'music'.  Thus, when you copy from iTunes to the phone, you end up with a music folder [phone] that contains a music folder [iTunes] which contains the folders/files.


Thanks for helping


It looks like I'm going to need to start over, but what should I do so that it works this time?

Sprint Employee

Re: Preparing camera to store music on sd card



Are you doing this from a Mac computer? Are you using a specific app to transfer the music files from iTunes to your Samsung s7 edge? If not, this can cause the files to be unreadable since iTunes works directly with iPhones.


Sprint Social Care

Re: Preparing camera to store music on sd card

I'm working from a PC.

I'm doing a "copy" from my iTunes directory to the phone through file explorer.

I'm under the impression that Cut+Paste is universal - any file can be moved from one computer to another.

I have converted any Apple-unique file format to .wma

Sprint Employee

Re: Preparing camera to store music on sd card

Understood! Please click here so you can learn more on how to transfer the music from your computer to the S7 Edge.

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