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Sprint Product Ambassador: Sleek case for a Sleek Phone

Sprint Product Ambassador

In the past, I have written many blogs about how and why we should invest in a good case for our devices. So I will avoid that aspect of the conversation and jump right into the case I am currently using for my S7 Edge.

With the edge phones from Samsung, it is always an interesting challenge especially because the edge seems fragile and if you cover it, whats the point? However, Spigen, just like in the past have come up with several options that could fit into every lifestyle. I was fortunate to find the Spigen Ultra Hybrid for the Galaxy S7 Edge

The Ultra Hybrid comes in 3 colors but I chose the clear one as I felt a case should not hide the beauty of the S7 Edge. The case has very snug and covers all the necessary aspects of protection one could desire from a case for this device. It gives the Edge a nice all around barrier using their "MIL-STD" feature and "Air cushion technology" that allows you to confidently use the device without any fear of damage.

Catchy Image eh?

The case's edges are made from a Flexible TPU while the back is harder. The touch is soft though, making it easy to grip yet harder to slip, in my opinion a great combination!

I really like the way it feels in my hand and it does not feel over burdened or "big" like some of the other options. I have admired Spigen's cases and I hope they will continue and we get to use their cases on newer devices.

Until Next Time

-- Your Product Ambassador Team