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Galaxy S7 Unlock not working


Galaxy S7 Unlock not working


I have a fully paid-off Sprint S7 which I was assured was unlocked in August while I was in Los Angeles. 

I'm now overseas and when I put in a new SIM (either a T-Mobile American SIM or an overseas SIM) I receive the same "Invalid SIM" message. When I try to go to the UICC update it says "Hands-free Activation" then spends some time trying that but ultimately comes up with "Activation Failed". 


I've spent HOURS on the phone with Sprint tech help who have shown to be not only useless in knowledge but very rude. I've gone all the way up to the supervisors of supervisors and no one seems to be able to offer any insights. 


This is unacceptable and incredibly frustrating. 


Please help??


Also - I have a Sprint SIM with me overseas but the SIM is deactivated since I switched from Sprint to T-Mobile (great choice). I also have a T-Mobile SIM and overseas SIM cards to work with. 


Can anyone shed some light please please please please?

Sprint Social Care

Re: Galaxy S7 Unlock not working


This is concerning! We're sorry to know that your issue is not resolved yet. We'd like to further investigate on this, in order to properly assist you. Please reply to my Private Message at your earliest convenience.

Sprint Social Care
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