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Galaxy S7 Unlocking FAILURE


Galaxy S7 Unlocking FAILURE

I paid off my leased device and ended my service with Sprint almost 2 weeks ago. When asking about the process of unlocking my phone, the agent told me that the phone would automatically be unlocked. The service was immediately turned off at that time, but they failed to process the payment.

I had to call them and ask why my phone was not unlocked and they said that they tried to unlock my phone by sending a text message to me (on a phone that they just cut the service on 3 days prior). After paying off the phone I waited a couple days without any due process of unlocking. 

Then I called them, and they told me my phone had already been unlocked and that my new carrier must have something wrong. I have called a Sprint agent every day since paying off my phone and they all said that it is already unlocked and something else must be the problem. 

The last person I talked with said that since I have already paid for my service with Sprint and ended that service, that Sprint has a policy and is no longer obligated to do anything to further help me. 


Come today, I found a discussion on this forum which directed me to the Sprint International Customer Care. When I contacted them, they actually said that the phone is still locked. When asked if they can unlock it, they replied that they will have to wait to see if there is another bill to come on my account.

*Before paying for my phone I explicitly asked for the total amount I would need to pay for my device to be bought and unlocked.*

Now the International Customer Care rep says that I must wait until the end of the billing cycle (2 MORE WEEKS) to see whether OR NOT (absolutely no certainty) there will be a bill. And if there is a charge, (something I already asked about 2 weeks ago) I will need to pay before they unlock, and if there is not it will already be unlocked. 


In the end, I was told by a different rep every day for 2 weeks that my phone was unlocked and Sprint was not a fault, only for them to turn around and say that I may still need to pay more money and wait another 2 weeks before they can even start another 48hr process of unlocking my phone. 

Which leaves me with a fully paid off phone that I can not use on another network (basically useless) for an ENTIRE MONTH!

Sprint Social Care

Re: Galaxy S7 Unlocking FAILURE

cipende, I'm sorry to hear that. I get what you’re saying and I promise to get down to the bottom of it. Please check your Private Message inbox, I just sent you sent you a message for further help.


Sprint Social Care

Re: Galaxy S7 Unlocking FAILURE

It has been another 2 weeks since my last post - making it over a month I've been dealing with this problem. Just a bit further from the 24-48hrs I was given at the start of this. Sprint said that I may have a possible bill and that I would have to wait until that possibility comes up. I waited until the date they said. After this time, I checked back and they said I did not have any bills and that they would start the unlocking process - let's remember it's a 24-72hr process. So as a few more days has gone by I received an email that my phone is *now* "unlocked." 


And if you can only stretch your imagination to think what happens next.


In my excitement at the smallest sense of progress, I try to use my phone and you guessed change. And for the Sprint representative who will soon see this, I have already checked multiple sites with my IMEI and they have either resulted in "Locked" status or have been flagged with "Financial Eligibility." Neither of which should occur if the phone is indeed unlocked and fully paid off including the service. And even though I would love to just forget about this catastrophe and sell the phone, I cannot with the flag. 


Things I have already done: 

Reset phone multiple times

Tried multiple carrier sim cards  for functionality: "Sprint can not guarantee your device will have all functionality after being unlocked" But any functionality would be good.

Tested new sim card on another phone to check if the sim card is the problem: works fine on all other unlocked or carrier specific devices. 

Attempted Hands-free Activation. 

Talked with Sprint Unlocking Department, Client Services, and Sprint International. 

Talked with my new provider about any possible issues on their end. 


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