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Home button appears to have a crack?


Home button appears to have a crack?

I have no idea how this could have happened?  I constantly hear of people cracking their screen but I've never heard of a cracked home button!  I think this may actually be a manufacturer defect.  How can the home button get cracked?  It is depressed from the face of the phone. Plus I have a case on my phone in which there is a lip to protect the face of the phone. 

What are my options?  The home button still works but my phone is a lease.

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Re: Home button appears to have a crack?

Hello Ambwisk!

Do you have insurance/TEP on your device? At this time our best option would be to visit one of our repair stores. Our technicians will determine if this is something we can fix on our end or if your device must be sent for replacement. Please click this link to locate your nearest repair store.


Michael C

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