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Initial Thoughts on my S7


Its been a good 4 weeks since I got the Samsung Galaxy S7, the time has given me a great opportunity to put this phone through its paces. The device has made it so far through the gauntlet that is my family and my own blunders. My son Xavier has put this phone through the fire and like gold it has come out pure on the other side. Though I don't recommend to test the sturdiness of this phone, I can attest that it withstood my 2 year old boy constantly poking and even throwing the device at a few times.

There are functions on a phone that at first you may not think are useful, one such function for me was the fingerprint reader. Since I first used the function, it has been a staple for me, it is the only way that I unlock the phone, I love the piece of mind that I have with knowing that no one else has my fingerprints. I love the preciseness of this function, on other phones I would have to keep trying the fingerprint reader multiple times before it took, but with the Galaxy its a one and done motion.

Water resistance, most of you may think SO WHAT, I don't plan on pretending to be Aquaman and take this phone to Atlantis.

I recently went to clean my pool with flip flops on as most Floridians will do. While I was scraping the bottom of the pool, I accidently slipped on the edge of pool and fell right in. At first I was in shock and horror because I had my phone in my pocket as I was listening to the Hamilton the musical soundtrack. I had nothing to worry about, the phone is resistant to water and I was able to go back to cleaning the pool and listening to more tracks.

Camera Quality is a must for me, as a father of 3 kids I need to be able to capture those little moments in the lives of my kids to remember and to embarrass when they get older. I have my phone ready to take pictures and capture video at a moments notice. The quality of the camera is superb, its crystal clear and the functionality of the software is great. The ease of use and the numerous options are a plus for me. Being able to launch the camera by double clicking on the home button is also a great feature.

This photo may seem grainy to you, but keep in mind that I was over 300 feet away and was able to get decent picture of my daughter getting her end of the year awards at church.


I look forward to continue using this phone for months to come.