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Otterbox for your Galaxy S7


As parents, we would love to protect our kids from every dangerous thing that can befall them. I know my wife wishes she could just wrap up my son in bubble wrap and let him go to protect him from himself. I know I feel the same way about the high-end phones that many of us have. My heart goes straight to my throat every time I see my son Xavier pick up my phone. I know what he is about to do. Xman's normal modus operandi is to keep tapping on the phone hoping to unlock it, take a glance to see if I notice him, then when he sees me coming for him, he throws the phone away and run. In these few seconds, I shriek in horror knowing that the screen is about to look like a drawing from Charlotte's web.

I cringe when I am out and about and see people with their premium devices with no case on it. Either they have vice grip like hands or are delusional enough to think that we humans are very clumsy by our nature. Murphy’s Law states that anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. The term butter fingers has been thrown at me many times by my friends, whether it’s when a football thrown to me or even something small as a set of keys or a TV remote. I have no confidence in keeping my phone safe.

The Otterbox is the way to go for people such as I, it gives the person the needed protection without sacrificing the aesthetics of the phone. My Galaxy S7 is now in an Otterbox Commuter case. The box states on-the-go protection, this is a great descriptive term for how the case interacts with you. Once the honeymoon period of having a phone wears off, the user picks up the phone when he or she goes anywhere without thinking. It is a subconscious maneuver to scoop up the device and place it in a pocket, or purse of some sort. This Otterbox, while giving you the protection needed doesn’t add the bulk that other cases have. It is simple yet effective.

One of the bullet point on the back of the box states that this case is a perfect fit for your pocket. Built for the daily grind. I can attest to this, while I am not a millennial worrying about being able to fit this in a pocket of my skinny jean. My Galaxy S7 has been in the Otterbox for 4 weeks now, it continues to survive the hurricane in my house that is named Xavier. The Otterbox it the best value of any case out on the market in my humble opinion.


Stanny George

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