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Pictures from your Galaxy S 7


Ever get annoyed at those parents who constantly show pictures of their kids and make it seem as if they are the smartest, funniest and the most athletic? Don't those parents just make you sick? If you said yes, then I will make you sick, unfortunately for you I am one of those parents. For people of my ilk, having a phone that takes good pictures are a must. Being able to capture those moments as my kids get older is my primary concern when buying a phone. The Samsung Galaxy S7 gives you a great camera with all the needed features with no bloat, the galaxy is the device for you if you want simplicity with quality. The 12 Megapixel camera offers get picture clarity even when the lighting isn't the best.

The focus feature on other devices can really slow down the performance of the camera as the phone adjusts to what was just pressed. The Galaxy is almost seamless in this, just click the on the object you want to focus on and the camera adjusts quickly, thus allowing you to capture the moments without it slipping away. Samsung has engineered this phone to use 100% of the pixels to allow the phone to focus thus enabling the speed that is so needed to capture photos of the little ones. Having an SD slot really allows you the piece of mind to begin clicking away.

pic 1.jpg


Stanny George

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