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Samsung S7 battery swelling and case splitting


Samsung S7 battery swelling and case splitting

Called Samsung today about my S7 which has come apart.  My phone has been taken care of very well - never been wet or overheated because I left it in a hot car.  Found out that I am 4 weeks out of warranty which is really going to make me mad.  Did a search online and found out this problem has been known for a while.  Thankful that it did not explode in my pocket.  Right now waiting to hear back from them.  They are going to take it in for repair but will not commit to anything other than an evaluation before saying what this is going to cost me.  Before this, I have been very satisfied with Samsung phones.  If they are not going to take care of this and do the right thing then it will be my last Samsung phone.  If your S7 phone is getting hot, looks like the glue is separating and the back is coming off or if the phone is swelling at all, take it in and have it looked at.  These batteries hold a lot of energy and can be a serious problem if they start to degrade.

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