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Whewww what a relief : waterproof feature.


Recently, I let my son hold my phone which if you know him might be the dumbest act that a person with a high end phone can do.

He is a whirling dervish, he is the human incarnation of the Tasmanian Devil. I know its dangerous to give him the phone, but what can you do when your at a restaurant and he is just going crazy.
This past Sunday, my family and I decided to go out with some friends after church to Noodles and Company (chipotle of noodles). Like as if were on que, my son decides he has had enough lunch and wants to be free. To appease him and also to quell the number of stares we are getting from neighboring patrons I decided to give him my S7. I thought some cartoons might appease him, but oh no. This guy decided to take my phone and throw it into the fountain that was there. Luckily for me, the Galaxy S7 is waterproof.

When I first heard about phones being waterproof, I thought it was like most of the features that phones recently have. A good idea but not that practical. I thought, who really wants to be like Aquaman and go swimming with your phone. I can tell you that parents with kids really will be able to take use this feature. I would put it as one of the best features to consider when purchasing your phone.

This is my son Xavier, and that is the fountain that he decided would give my S7 a bath.