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How do I set up text messaging on the Galaxy Tab 3?


How do I set up text messaging on the Galaxy Tab 3?

I recently purchased the Tab 3 from a Sprint Store and was told that I would be able to text message from this device.  So far I can't figure this out.  I tried sending a text from my phone to the number for the Tab 3 and got a return message that said "The recipient you are sending to has chosen not to receive messages. Msg 2111"  Any help?


How to send/receive texts from Wifi/3G/4G Android tablet and make/receive calls :

also a good temp solution for someone that is having temp Sprint service issues like a cell site down, bad reception in a building/house (and you don't have an Airave),  or a cell tower being worked on if you have a Wifi connection around ---- this would circumvent having to use a cell site because you would be using your Wifi data connection(or 3g/4g in some cases):

Making calls..

If you have a Sprint cell phone and want to be able to make/receive calls on your Android tablet using the same cell phone # you currently have, follow these steps...

(only for consumer Sprint accounts. Won't work if you are on a business account as the Sprint Google Voice integration is not available for those accounts at this time). This is not recommended as a primary use phone, but of course more as a supplement/complement to your regular cell phone and calls. You would not be happy with using it as a primary phone andtext device (unless you reaaalllyyyy don't need a consistent professional communication device...in which case it would be a cheap $15/month phone)..

1. Turn on Sprint Google Voice integration. Log in at google.com/voice with your Gmail login and choose the Sprint integration option for your phone # (it will prob call or text your cell # to authenticate it the first time).

2. While still logged into the Google Voice site, go to Settings and then the Phones tab. Check mark Google Chat (doing this is going to allow you to receive incoming calls on the tablet).

3. On your tablet, download the Spare Phone app from the Google Play Store ($2.99 purchase). Open the app and sign in with your Google username and password. You can fine tune the Spare Phone app if you go into it's settings(like turn on 3g/4g use, etc).  There are other apps of course that you could use, however I have enjoyed Spare Phone some of the most and have had a generally good experience with it over the last 2 years.

4. Now as long as you have a data connection: wifi or 3G or 4G, you can make and receive calls. I recommend using earbuds that have a mic on them. You could use bluetooth but you'll just have to test it out and see what provides a better experience for you. You'll experience some audio delays on calls here and there, but I didn't experience those often.

**when I first started using the Spare Phone setup a while ago I do seem to remember the instructions I read saying that if you've never made a call from within your Gmail email account (like from a computer) to go do that first. When you log in into Gmail, then on the side bar, you can type in a phone # and make an outgoing call right there from within your Gmail inbox.  It might be something you don't have to do anymore, or doesn't matter...just thought I'd mention that in case you follow steps 1-4 and it doesn't work.

Text out/in from your Android tablet...

So after you've turned on Google voice integration like explained above...

Download the Google Voice app on your Android tablet. Sign in with that same Gmail account you used for Google Voice. Now you can send/receive texts through that Google Voice app as long as you have a wifi/3g/4g data connection. Keep in mind you won't receive MMS pictures that people text to your cell phone #. The pictures will still come through to your regular cell phone. You also won't be able to send pics via text/MMS from your tablet.  You'll have to send them out via email or any other capable app.

-the Sent texts you sent from your tablet, will not display in your phone's text messaging app just so you know. You could use the Google Voice app on your phone and it would all sync, but I don't recommend that as you won't really like it -- it's kind of an ugly app.

-so technically this Google Voice app delivers it all over the data connection...so the way it works in case you care is Google I believe sends out your text over a data connection and it is converted to SMS text to be received by your recipient. They send you a SMS text and Google converts it and sends it to your Google Voice app over the data connection.

-sidenote, I believe Google Voice service was updated a while back so that it now works with short codes (I don't stay up on every detail like I used to).

Been a while since I've dived deep into Google Voice so a couple of things I just thought of:

-turning on Google Voice integration will change your voicemail system. Instead of using the built in Voicemail app on your Android phone (which I hate), it will instead redirect people, when you don't answer, to your Google Voice voicemail (which you will prob learn to like a lot). So be sure to record your voicemail greeting on Google Voice. Once logged in at Google.com/voice, choose Settings then the Voicemail and Text tab....I don't remember the default settings, but there on that tab you may want to make sure 'Send me email for voicemails' and 'email me voicemail message' are turned off so they don't annoy your Gmail inbox all the time.  And checkmark 'transcribe my voicemails' -- you'll like that free feature.  So basically now, on your tablet or phone, you'll get your voicemails through the Google Voice app and they will also be transcribed into semi-readable text.

-again under Google Voice settings online, the Phones tab, you may want to uncheck the 'text me when I get a voicemail'.

Now, if you don't have a Sprint cell phone, maybe you only have a Sprint Android tablet, or any Android tablet in general....you can still send/receive texts and make/receive calls.  Instead of turning on Sprint's Google Voice integration described above, you'll just have Google Voice assign you a new # when you first log in to it.   Keep in mind the calls you make and texts you receive would be from this Google Voice phone # and not from your 'other carrier/non-Sprint cell #.   And then just follow steps 2-4 from above.

-Yes, you can port your cell # to Google Voice but that is not going to be an option most of you want to do and not recommended for the majority as there would be a lot of details to cover there. That is why the unique Sprint Google Voice integration is nice for now if you have your cell phone with Sprint -- don't have to port your # away from the cell carrier to Google Voice, yet you get to use some of the nice features of Google Voice and can do the above 'hackery' for some versatile use.

Well, there is more to Google Voice of course that you can take advantage of but that is for you to learn. I just wanted to give a quick overview of how you might accomplish talk/text on an Android tablet. I'm sure I forgot a step or detail so be sure to let me know if it's something important.

This can also be done I'm sure from an Apple iOS iPad, it's just been a long time since I would have messed with it, and I don't have personal app recommendations and instructions.

Let me know your own personal results and experiences.


I won't be possible to send/receive SMS directly from your tablet's number. This functionality is not built into the Tab 3. You'll need a 3rd party solution as explained very well above by @sprint9149. Other options include Talkatone or GrooVe IP which also use Google Voice for sending SMS. You could also use Tablet Talk which allows sending texts from your tablet using your existing cell # (which needs to be an Android).


If that is true, why does the Sprint bill list "SMS Text Messages" under the base plan for the tablet phone number?


LHandSP - Normally it only shows the amount of MB/GB you're paying for and the price. What base plan do you have? Some tablets have the option of adding a messaging plan separately. So while you might see the messaging entry there, unless you see a price beside it, you are not paying for it but just the base plan for your data.

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