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Tab 3 purchase from a previous sprint owner


Tab 3 purchase from a previous sprint owner

I purchased Sprint TAB 3 7.0 used from a previous Sprint customer on ebay. I'm unable to use any non-sprint SIMs because the device seems to be locked. I called up Support and got the Master unlock code specific for this device and I also learned the previous owner has a collection on his account and the rep told me that the code might not work.

I still went ahead and tried it I got to the part where it is trying to do HANDS FREE ACTIVATION but it seems to be trying to connect to Sprint at this point and failing. Given that the previous owner's SIM is not active, if I just pop in any sprint SIM card and try to unlock, will it work?

Or the SIM at the time of unlock must be the previous owner's sim?

Any ideas how do I get of this mess I got myself into?


Re: Tab 3 purchase from a previous sprint owner


Here to help. Can you send us a PM with the MEID number from the tablet? I want to make sure it is not activated on another account.

Patrick N.
Sprint Social Care

Re: Tab 3 purchase from a previous sprint owner

Thanks for asking.

Here is the MEID 256691512609011270

I followed the following procedures to put in the 6 digit code customer service gave me

Open calculator and type (+30012012732+

Type ##786## and open RTN menu

Type MSL number (the 6 digit rep gave me)

Select reset

Device reboot and continues to try to do hands free activation. Since I dont have Sprint SIM, it is failing here and just keeps looping.

Please help me so I can use this device to take Tmobile Sim.


Re: Tab 3 purchase from a previous sprint owner


Thanks for posting. Please send this as a private message instead, by clicking on the Sprint Logo and selecting the private message option. Let's move away from this public space, as sensitive information will be shared.


- Joseph
Sprint Social Care
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