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Actually about Tab e


Actually about Tab e

Excuse this for being in Tab 4 area but couldn't find Tab e. 

Anyways. I'd really like an answer or 10 to this. The Tab e I just received has Marshmallow 6.0.1. I've been noticing that not all things are like I remember them to be.

As an example, the thing that has brought me out here, in Marshmallow they introduced "Adoptable storage". This is where you can designate an SD Card as either "portable" or "internal" storage. If you choose "internal" it gives you the ability to use it as an extension of your systems storage. An advantage is you can install apps right to the SD Card thus saving precious system space. Younare given this choice when you insert and/or format the SD Card.

But, this is NOT available on my system. I have double checked my memory, being of age it has been known to fail, and everywhere I look they agree with my memory that this should be in the system.

My question is why isn't and who decides if it should be there or not?

Any thoughts or suggestions?

Thank you for your time.

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