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LTE-Only Mode (requires MSL)


LTE-Only Mode (requires MSL)

I wanted to share how to put your Tab 4 into LTE-only mode. If you are constantly dropping to 3G in your home/area like me, this is for you. Otherwise, if you're happy with you're LTE coverage, nothing to see here

Easy to put your Tab 4 in LTE-Only mode, but it requires your MSL. You should be able to get your MSL from Sprint Chat, Customer Care, or possibly on your paperwork/email you get when you activated your Tab but YMMV. Blows my mind that Sprint doesn't put an LTE-Only mode easy to access without this level of effort. Hopefully (if)when the Tab 4 gets L it will get this option user accessible:



-Activate this device

-Menu (the 3 dots in upper right hand corner)


-##DATA# Menu




-HDR/1X Selection

-LTE Only Mode

-OK & Reboot if not prompted to

-Done. Enjoy :~)

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