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battery will not keep a charge


battery will not keep a charge

I have had a galaxy tab 4 for about three months.  it was bought new and has never kept a charge well but recently it really drains quickly.  it was 100% and was not used and when I turned it on to use it it was almost dead. any ideas?



Thanks for reaching out to us with your question. Have you checked the settings in the device to see what is using the battery? Are the applications installed on the tablet up to date? Do you have any apps on the tablet that are set to auto refresh, such as Facebook? If you have already checked all this, I would suggest taking it to a Sprint service and repair center to have a technician check it out. They can provide you with hands on troubleshooting and run diagnostic testing that we are unable to do over these forums.

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I have the same problem, among MANY others with my note 4:( I literally have to take my charger with me ANYWHERE I go bc it will be 100%, I can drive 10 miles down the road and not be used and it'll be at like 92%. If I didn't keep my car charger it would never last before I got home:( wish I had an answer for you, but apart from what I do, which is have a charger in my car, my house and an extra "fast charger" plug to take with me in my purse that's the best advice I have 😞 I didn't even WANT this phone. I had the note 3, which was AMAZING, but it was stolen while on vacation. Luckily I had the replacement insurance, but the note 4 was my replacement. I was told, after not being able to receive calls for 6 months, by the Sprint employee that fixed it, which he also informed me that the note 4's are one of the most he has complaints about, that I could (especially considering I pay for insurance AND paid $200 deductible), get while still under warranty, the note 5. However, when I spoke with the extremely rude employee of the store I needed to get the replacement, they would only AGAIN "fix" it so I guess I will get it "fixed" every month until my warranty runs out and then be forced to get ANOTHER phone, with ANOTHER charge! 😞 between the cost of the insurance and the deductible I could have just paid cash for the phone of my choice 😞 Live and learn I suppose. Unless something MAJOR changes I know when that time comes to buy a phone that WORKS, I will NOT be a Sprint customer :((

this is a thread talking about the Galaxy TAB 4...a tablet. youre wanting this forum for the Note 4
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