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Galaxy Tab S2 with SideSync -- Sprint Product Ambassadors

Sprint Product Ambassador

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Hey Everyone!

I wanted to take some time to highlight the SideSync application that you can use on your Galaxy Tab S2, your Galaxy smartphones, and even your computer.  This application has quickly become a necessity for me because of the functionality that it provides in a myriad of ways!  For this article, I am only focusing on connection between Galaxy Tab S2 and Galaxy Note 5, as well as connection between the Galaxy Tab S2 and a PC.  See the embedded YouTube video for a more hands-on approach to SideSync between the Galaxy Tab S2 and Galaxy Note 5!

What is SideSync?

  • Application that allows you to:
  • Share screen and data between phone/tablet, phone/computer, Tablet/Computer
  • Transfer files between devices seamlessly
  • Send/Receive text messages between devices
  • Send/Receive phone calls between devices

(Image Source: Samsung)

How to get SideSync:

  • Pre-installed application on many Galaxy smartphones, as well as the Galaxy Tab S2
    • If not installed, a quick Google Play search for SideSync will point you in the proper direction
  • Computer users can navigate to

Connecting your Galaxy Tab S2 to your Galaxy Note 5:

  • Find SideSync on your Tab S2 (or download first) and tap the application
  • SideSync_Icon.png
  • SideSync will search for another compatible device
  • SideSyncSearch.png
  • Open SideSync on your Galaxy Note 5
  • SideSync will search for another compatible device
  • On the Tab S2, select the device you want to connect to (Note 5)
  • Devices will communicate and pair; connection usually happens in about 15 - 20 seconds.
  • SideSynce_Connecting.png

Once the devices connect, you are brought to a small icon window that I like to call the Quick Launch Toolbar.  This provides you with three applications that you can tap on to quickly launch on the connected device.  The first three are File Explorer, Music, and Gallery.  You can add multiple applications (up to 9) in the Quick Launch Toolbar by tapping the + button and selecting additional applications.  This feature is handy if you have other apps you want to manage quickly and often, or for applications that are compatible with your phone and not your tablet!  Here are some screenshots of the process:



Tapping the phone icon on the Quick Launch Toolbar (upper-right) will mirror phone's screen on your tablet for full use:

Device_Screen_mirroring_Full Screen.png

You will need to unlock the device using your chosen unlock method.  From here you can access the phone, control features, place and receive phone calls through the tablet/phone, and much more..

Transferring files and other features (VIDEO!):

How do you transfer files?  Well, it's difficult to show via screenshot, so I made a video of the process for you!  The video below contains steps to transfer files between connected device, how to send/receive calls, how to send/receive text messages and a few more tips!  Give it a watch!

Text Messaging:

You can easily send/receive text messages using SideSync through your connected device.  This is convenient if your phone is charging and you're using your tablet.  I tend to use this feature quite a bit during field visits because I can use my tablet for the majority of my visit, but still keep an eye on my text messages or calls during conversations.  Here's a view at how it works:


Connecting to a Computer:

Once you have downloaded and installed the appropriate SideSync version for your computer (Windows or Mac), you're ready to roll!  Once you open the SideSync application on your computer, it will begin searching for any available devices.  Your computer will connect to your phone or tablet, so choose the want you want to use.  For this demonstration, I'm using my Galaxy Tab S2.  Connection typically takes about 15 - 20 seconds between devices, but may take longer depending on your configuration/network speed.  Here are some images of the process:


SS1.jpg  SS2.jpg


As you can see, the Tab S2's notification are now pulled over to my PC in a convenient box.  I have the same familiar options of My Files, Music and Gallery like we discussed earlier, plus the ability to add a few more.  I can easily manage my notifications on my Tablet via my PC from this screen.  Clicking on "Tablet Screen" will allow my tablet screen to be mirrored on my PC, allowing full functionality:


You can also transfer files between your computer and tablet (or phone) very quickly with SideSync.  A quick way is to select the Gallery icon on the SideSync Quick Launch Toolbar on your PC.  This will open the Gallery on your Tab S2 (or other connected device).  Navigate to the photo(s) you want and long press on an image.  This will then allow you to select one or multiple files to move to your computer.  Once you have selected the file(s) you want, long press one last time and you'll notice that it picks up the files you've selected.  You can then drag these files to copy them to your PC in your desired folder.  I have placed them on the Desktop for this example:

Drag and Drop.jpg

Drag and Drop 2.jpg

The transfer process is quick and easy!

The possibilities are nearly endless with SideSync!  I appreciate having the ability to control my devices from my computer, as well as the ability to carry both my phone and my tablet in my hand simultaneously!  I no longer have to juggle between my tablet and my phone to stay connected because I can do it all from a single device with ease!

What do you use SideSync for?  Have any other tips you want to share?  If so, drop them below in the comments!

As always, thank you very much for reading!

Until next time....

- Troy