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Samsung Adapt Sound improves how you hear sounds on Galaxy Tab S2 - Sprint Product Ambasador

Sprint Product Ambassador


Last week while on vacation I connected my stereo Bluetooth headset up to my Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 to watch a movie. I went to adjust the sound through settings and saw an option for Sound Quality and Effects. Then there was an option for Adapt Sound that said "Find the best sound for you." so I checked it out.


You have to have headset connected in order to use this feature, although it is well worth it for me. I had a head injury several years ago and sometimes I do not always hear very well with ringing in my ears. One important thing about Adapt Sound is the setup has to be completed in a room that is quite so you can hear the tones in each ear and respond on the tablet when you do.



The above is how my testing went and the last image you can see how Adapt Sound improved and adjust the sounds up into the excellent category to improve the sound for me. I use my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 often when I go out for lunch and watch a movie with my headset on. Sometimes the place I frequent for lunch can be very loud and making this adjust made a difference there too.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 is one of the best tablets I have tested and now I found something the sets it up over some of the others I have reviewed even more with Adapt Sound.The Samsung Super AMOLED display is crystal clear and is hard to beat while watching a movie, then add Adapt Sound adjustment and it gets even better....

Visit a Sprint store and check out the 0.22" thin Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 to if it is the next tablet for you!



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