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Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 goes on vacation - Sprint Product Ambassador

Sprint Product Ambassador


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About every year we head up to Holiday Island in Arkansas by Eureka Springs for vacation. This time of the year it is quite and very beautiful and my daughters love it up there. This year I took my Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 to check out the camera. My daughter always ask to have her picture taken when we go into Eureka Springs.


My daughter was trying to be sneaky and take a picture of me while relaxing on the couch with my Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 one morning. She did not know my tablet had a front facing camera so I was able to activate the camera and switch it over to the front facing camera to capture her taking a picture of me.... she got a kick out of it..... The 2.1 MP front facing camera did a great job of capturing her and I was able to activate the front facing camera very quickly. I captured several pictures of her laughing once she realized I caught her....


Every year we visit Eureka Springs my daughter ask to have her picture taken by the pink house.... this is the pink house. The one thing that felt awkward in taking the picture was making sure I had the camera orientation correctly. Majority of the pictures I took were upside down because I did not pay attention which end of the camera I had up. That is easily fixed by rotating the pictures.....


My daughter asked for this picture to be taken of her by herself.... the 8MP rear camera did a great job of capturing this one. I was in the shade and my daughter had a few rays of sunlight coming through on this one.


The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 does a great job of taking pictures indoors too.... this picture was taken inside our cabin from the loft looking out. I wanted to capture a picture of the fall colors before the freeze we had coming that night.

If you are looking for a tablet that has the ability to take great pictures in addition to the other functionality you need, look no further. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 is a premium tablet that is one of the best tablets I have owned.Check out the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 at a Sprint store near you to see if it is the tablet for you....



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