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Galaxy Tab 7" Help-Stuck in Airplane Mode!


Galaxy Tab 7" Help-Stuck in Airplane Mode!

Hello, My Galaxy Tab is stuck in airplane mode. I did not turn airplane mode on, it was set to that this morning when I logged in. I have tried NUMEROUS times to disable airplane mode using the wireless & network settings as well as long pressing the power button until the Airplane Mode pop-up appears and deselecting airplane mode. I have also cleared my browser cache, turned Wi-Fi on and off on the tab, as well as rebooted my home wireless router. I also removed my sim card and I have left it out. Rebooted about a dozen times now

At this time, I cannot connect to the internet or send texts, although I am still receiving email and text notifications.

Here are the stats: Samsung Galaxy Tab Model SPH-P100, Firmware 2.3.4, Gingerbread.EF17

Service State: Radio Off      Mobile Network State: Disconnected

And Yes, my Sprint bill is paid and up to date ;0)


Re: Galaxy Tab 7" Help-Stuck in Airplane Mode!

OK, so out of desperation, I decided to try one more thing to get my Tab out of airplane mode. AND IT WORKED!!  I don't know how or why it worked, but here's what I did:

-If your Tab is on, turn it off.

-Give it a few seconds to just be off.

-Then hold the power button down until the Tab tries to turn itself on again, keep holding until it shuts itself off.

-Let it be shut off for about ten seconds.

-Then, hold the button down again and do the same thing. It will try to get to the home screen but shut itself off again.

-Let it stay off for about ten seconds.

-Now turn it on as you normally would. That is when I realized that I had signal bars instead of a circle with a line thru it and BINGO!!! All my missed texts and emails for the past day came flooding in!

I hope this fix works for you as it did for me!!!

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