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Galaxy Tab Gallery Problem


Galaxy Tab Gallery Problem

There seems to be a significant issue with the Galaxy Tab's Gallery app. I was hoping the latest (EB28) update would fix it, but the issue still stands. It appears that Gallery continuously polls a sensor of some sort (accelerometer?) after the first time it is opened. The only recourse is to reboot the Tab and try not to open it. If it is opened, it completely wipes out the battery within a matter of hours. I have a method that I know will fix it, but it's rather drastic. I was wondering if anyone here knows of the issue and if there are any easier solutions to fix it.

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Re: Galaxy Tab Gallery Problem

I find it surprising considering how consistent my results have been with this problem that nobody has experienced this. It's still the single biggest problem I've had with the Tab. A problem that is easily fixed by rooting and removing the gallery app completely.

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Galaxy Tab Gallery Problem

Hello powermatt, not sure if you had considered this but with android default configuration if you press the House button it returns to the main screen and most apps are thrown into the background still running, had you tried pressing back arrow several times to exit the gallery app?

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