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Honeycomb battery charging problems


Honeycomb battery charging problems

I haven't heard that anybody else is having this problem so I am posting it.

Since I received the push update to Honeycomb my tablet absolutely will not charge unless it is completely turned off.  The battery indicator gives me a red X over top of the battery.  This is true for 2 different wall chargers as well as plugged into my computer.  To test it further I left the Tab turned on overnight while charging.  When I woke up and checked it had gone from 30% charge to only 50%.  I have ALWAYS been able to charge while using the Tab before but now it won't even charge over an 8 hour period while turned on.  Any ideas?


Re: Honeycomb battery charging problems

If you are talking about the Samsung Galaxy Tab update to Gingerbread, here is a thread that talks about the issue which you described.  Some people are having that problem and some people aren't...I don't see anything official about this problem, but I hope my personal Galaxy Tab doesn't act like yours...I always use it while charging and this will definitely be a problem.  I know no one likes to hard reset their device and lose customization, however I would try it to see if it will then charge being used...

If you still have trouble after a hard reset, I recommend calling Samsung...They will send you a free return lable and you will have your device back within 7-10 days if they say they can fix this problem and if your tab is < 1 year old (which it most surely is) - their number is:  1.800.726.7864

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