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Samsung Galaxy Tablet


Samsung Galaxy Tablet

I am seiously considering buying a galaxy tablet (not the 10.1) tried Ipads and they are just too big and cumbersome. I figured the Samsung 10.1 would be the same. I like the size and feel of the smaller galaxy tab. My main use will be interface with my website and mostly credit card transactions through square (works on android). I am just wondering id Samsung is considering dropping the smaller tablet and how2 other users like it. I like android but need a bigger display than a phore for customers transactions.


Samsung Galaxy Tablet

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Re: Samsung Galaxy Tablet

Here is the comparison for the both Samsung Galaxy and Galaxy 10.1 fyi:-If you want to go for bigger display then probably you need to choose Samsung Galaxy 10.1

Samsung Galaxy 10.1" X 6.9" X 0.34- Display: 10.1-in.; WXGA (1280x 800 pixels; 150 pixels / inch), HD 1080p and User Interface: Honeycomb 3.1 Operating System with GUI specially designed for the tablet form factor. Processor: Dual-core NVIDIA Tegra 2 1 GHz processor.

Samsung Galaxy- Display: 6.05 x 3.54-inch WSVGA TFT Captive Multitouch display with total Pixel Count 600x1024. Operating System: Android 2.2 (Froyo) Processor/Chipset: Qualcomm/MDM6085 and S5PC110 Mobile Application Processor.

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