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Sprint ID for Samsung Galaxy Tab


Sprint ID for Samsung Galaxy Tab

Sprint ID functionality will be made available to Samsung Galaxy Tab devices as part of the EB28 software update. 

Prior to using Sprint ID, read more about it...


Sprint ID Support includes information such as choosing and downloading a pack, using a pack, switching between packs,

   deleting applications from a pack, deleting a pack, and general troubleshooting tips. 

- Sprint ID space includes customer's comments/discussions regarding their experience with Sprint ID

  and often times tips and tricks they've discovered. 

- Information specific to the Galaxy tab upgrade: 

   • As part of the EB28 software update, a Sprint ID icon will be added to the Home Screen and the Applications  

     menu. The Sprint ID packs themselves are not downloaded as part of the update.  Clicking on the Sprint ID      

     icon will initiate the Sprint ID launcher, allowing you to choose and download Sprint ID packs. 

   • If you choose not to use Sprint ID, simply do not click on the Sprint ID icon.  The icon can be moved from

     the Home screen to another screen, however, it cannot be permanently removed.  

   • My ID and Samsung are empty ID packs that are standard in Sprint ID for the Galaxy Tab. These packs do not    

     contain pre-loaded applications, widgets, or ringtones, but are useful for those who want to customize their   

     device. These packs will be loaded to your device along with any other ID pack. These packs cannot later be  

     removed from your device like other ID packs. 

   • If after downloading a Sprint ID pack, you want to revert back to the Samsung interface, click on the

     Sprint ID icon, and choose the 'Samsung' pack. If wallpapers and ringtones weren't pre-selected, they

     may need to be reset. 

Added links to support and Sprint ID space:  dshoem01

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