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Sprint Samsung Galaxy Tab with Bluetooth mouse?


Sprint Samsung Galaxy Tab with Bluetooth mouse?

Hello, I purchased a Samsung Galaxy Tab at Best Buy last week.  I got the Sprint version.  After hearing and seeing other Tab owners having success with bluetooth keyboards and mice I purchased the Samsung keyboard dock and a bluetooth mouse.  I've been able to pair the mouse to the tab without issue, but I never get a mouse arrow to appear.  I've tried two different bluetooth mice with the same result.  The T-Mobile tab owner I saw using the bluetooth mouse showed me what it took to get his working, which is exactly what I did.  The difference is, as soon as he hit the check box to "Use for HID device", a mouse arrow appeared and he was off and running.  When I hit that checkbox, it turns green but nothing happens.

I've been reading online and see plenty of complaints of the Verizon Galaxy Tab having bluetooth HID's intentionally disabled (which seems par for the course for Verizon) but haven't found anything mentioned about Sprint.  Has anyone tried a bluetooth mouse with their Sprint Tab?  Matched with the Samsung keyboard dock a mouse would be awesome.


New Sprint Customer Alan


Re: Sprint Samsung Galaxy Tab with Bluetooth mouse?

Update:  After days of reading it looks like Sprint and Verizon have both disabled bluetooth HID support in their Galaxy Tab models.  No one seems to have a reason why and no word on whether it will be fix or not.  If you're hoping to have any sort of docked functionality, you would be better off with a GSM model (AT&T or T-Mobile).  They support bluetooth mice and keyboards without issue.


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