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Sprint Product Ambassador: Features


So my favorite part of the Gear S I would say is having everything I need on my wrist. Here is just a short list of some of them.

Texting: This is probably the best in my opinion. I can check text messages and write a quick reply. Yes, the keyboard is a bit small, but the thing is, that it has swype. It is very accurate so I can just slide my finger over the letters I want, and there you go! A quick message without even pulling out your phone!

Navigation: Are you tired of messing with your phone, or get frustrated cause you cannot hear your phone in your lap, or on the center console? No worries, its on your wrist! Turn by turn directions right there in front of you the whole time!

Emails: Read emails on the fly! Wherever you are! Never miss that important email again! Its on your wrist!

Weather: Need to know what to wear for the day? Or if you need an umbrella? No problem! Just turn your wrist and you got the weather!

Health: Get your heart rate, footsteps, Etc. right from your wrist! This is an awesome feature for those that are active or just watching your health!

Music: You can get Samsung Milk app right on the watch! You can play music, control the music, turn down the volume, everything right there! No messing with your phone!

I can keep going, but I think you get the picture! You can just about do it all right from your wrist!

Your Product Ambassador Team

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