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Sprint Product Ambassador: Fitness


The Gear S is my third smart watch. One thing that I do enjoy about the Gear S over some of the other smart watches I have used is the Fitness with S Health.

With the fitness and S Health you have the ability to check your steps, heart rate, run tracking, mileage and more. If you are an active person, this smart watch may be the next thing you need to buy!

UV: The UV tracker on the S Health actually measures the UV rays to see how much the intensity and helps you prevent too much UV rays including some tips on how to avoid it.

Sleep: This measures how much sleep you average and how much of your sleep is motionless. This is a great help in tracking and making sure you are sleeping enough, and maybe see if there is something that might need to be looked into further by a doctor etc.

Heart rate: Self explanatory really. This keeps you informed on your heart rate. This is one of the things that I liked about the Gear S. It is more accurate than other smart watches.

Pedometer: This also was more accurate on the gear S than other smart watches that I have tried. I have really enjoyed using the pedometer and seeing how active I am, and how many steps I take. And since this one is the most accurate that I have seen so far, it is that much better!

The fitness options on the Gear S alone make it worth the buy in my opinion. It works great, stays accurate, is durable, and also, I can go jogging without worrying about carrying a phone, since my Gear S IS my phone.

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