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Sprint Product Ambassadors: Samsung Gear S Review

Sprint Product Ambassador


In 2014, I was able to try the original Samsung Galaxy Gear, then the Samsung Gear Fit and end 2014 with Samsung Gear S. Wearables have come a long way since the Samsung Galaxy Gear as come out and I have been really impressed with the Gear S. The Gear S is more comfortable and has provided everything I need in a smartwatch with the ability to make calls without having to Bluetooth it to my phone, GPS for when I am downtown without my phone and it is very comfortable to wear.


When I first saw that the Gear S has a 2.0” Curved Super AMOLED display, I thought it would be to big to wear. Now, I do not leave the house without it. I have the freedom of making calls from my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and/or my Samsung Gear S when I am out running around town. Have you ever been in a situation where you need two phones... I have and now I have my Gear S and Note 4 to make calls from at the same time when needed.


The Gear S stock clock faces are very stylish and another factor on me wanting a Gear S. Two of them remind me of the vintage driving watches from the 30's and 40's. Except this watch is more than a watch, it has about everything a phone while sitting on my wrist. I do not have to reach into my pocket to check the time, weather, messages or anything anymore....


Another feature the Gear S provides is the ability to pair it with my Bluetooth headset so I can make and receive calls from my Gear S. The pairing is so easy and allows me to go with just my Gear S on a run and not miss a call....

Samsung has produced in my opinion one of the best smartwatches on the market. I have not ran into any problems or issues with my Gear S in the last 3 months I have been wearing it. On average I go 1 - 2 days between charges which is excellent with everything it can do.... Thanks Samsung!



Your Sprint Product Ambassador team

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