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Sprint Product Ambassadors: Samsung Gear S compared to original Galaxy Gear

Sprint Product Ambassador


I recently removed and the other day I pulled out my Samsung Galaxy Gear as I was unpacking one of my boxes for my office. Then I started comparing my Samsung Gear S with my Samsung Galaxy Gear. The display on my Gear S is larger and much more clearer than my Galaxy Gear as I expected with its 2" curved Super Amoled screen. The thing is my Gear even though it is bigger, it does not feel as bulky as my Galaxy Gear did.


Here is a comparison of the Galaxy Gear and Gear S I have. The display on Gear is so crisp and rich in detail compared to the original Galaxy Gear. The size difference is really noticeable, although the curved display on the Gear S really makes a big difference.


The icons on Gear S have improved to....


One of the biggest improvements over the Galaxy Gear is the Pedometer. I use this feature more than the others, although as you see I am way behind on my steps today. That is one of the other things I like about the Gear S, the pop-up I receive when I am sitting at my desk telling me to get up and move around some.


Samsung has done a great job expanding the Galaxy Gear into the Gear S that now provides the ability to make calls with its own dedicated phone number. The added size of the display does not make it bulkier with the display being curved. I look down at my Galaxy Gear and think.... it is so small yet feels so bulky. My Gear S is bigger and way more comfortable to wear. I am really impressed with the improvements Samsung has made with this smartwatch over the original Galaxy Gear.

What do you think about the two smartwatches?

Follow me as I continue to blog on the Samsung Gear S and Samsung Galaxy Note 4.



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