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Sprint Product Ambassadors: You'll get a charge out of the Gear S

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One of my favorite features of the Samsung GearS is the nifty charge dock. Similar to the Gear Fit, the Gear S carries the IP-67 rating for dust and liquid intrusion protection. As such, and in order to maintain dust and liquid protection, there are no direct open ports on the Gear S (same as the Gear Fit). You have to snap on a charge dock to the back of the Gear S in order to charge up it's 300 mAh battery. The cradle, which itself is not rated for dust or liquid intrusion, has a micro-USB port on the side which transfers energy to the Gear S. But not before it charges its own battery.

Battery?? Yes, there's a battery built in the charge dock.

The Gear S charge dock comes with its own built in 350 mAh battery. So when you charge your Gear S, you're also charging the charge dock. This is very useful, especially if you will be away from a power source for a long time - camping, at a music festival, stranded on an island, whatever. Just pop the small dock in your bag or backpack and take it with you. It's small and light. You'll hardly know it's with you. If you're a heavy user of the Gear S, especially in stand-alone mode with the 3G and voice radio running full time, you may need a charge boost to carry you through a heavy day or couple of days of use. Pop the dock on to the back of the Gear S when you give your body a break and you'll be giving your Gear S a boost of energy at the same time.

The charge dock's 350 mAh battery holds enough energy to charge up the Gear S from dead to full charge one time. Or you can use it to give your Gear S a few short boosts at a time. Either way, you're packing enough stored energy to get you through the most demanding days.

I hope this helps you get the most from your Gear S. Until next time,

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