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The revolutionary capabilities of the new Samsung Gear™ 2 are stylishly wrapped in new interchangeable bands. Hands-free phone calls. Seamless replies to messages. Music stored right on the device, and integrated camera. Like no other device before, the Gear 2 is the bold face of mobile freedom.

A bright 1.63" Super AMOLED® display. A sleek new home button. The meticulous design of the Gear 2 paired with your favorite interchangeable band will make it the perfect match for any outfit or occasion.

Keep the distractions at arm's length. Use the simplified interface with Voice Command to make hands-free calls, check email and respond to texts. Now you can be in touch and in control.

Keep your music and leave your phone. The Gear 2 comes with a stand-alone 4GB music player so you can store your favorite songs and playlists right on the device. That's one less thing to carry - music to anyone’s ears.

The days of digging through your couch cushions are over. Use WatchON to control your TV right from your wrist. It’s all thanks to the IR blaster built right into the device. More than ever, your entertainment is truly on-demand.

Capture the moment quicker than ever with the 2MP camera on the Gear 2.* Now you can snap and save your favorite shots, all while keeping your smartphone at your side. It's a camera experience that's picture-perfect.

IP67 certified: Dustproof and water-resistant, the Gear 2 is made for action. Wear it on your bike ride. Take it to the beach. Whether you're heading in for a meeting or out for some fun, the Gear 2 is prepared for anything.

Put your best self forward. Track your steps. Give your heart some love with its built-in heart monitor that responds to your touch. The Gear 2 will help you feel as good as it looks.

What good is a wearable if it can't keep up with you? That's why the Gear 2 was designed to run up to three full days on a single charge. No matter where you are or what you're doing, as long as you have energy, so will it.