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Sprint Product Ambassador: Customize your watch


This was one thing that i just had a blast with. The customizing of the watch. You can change anything from the band, to the homescreen. The backgrounds for the homescreen are very cool, vibrant colors and patterns. The clocks just look great. You can also download more through the Play store (These will cost money normally about .99 - 1.99). You do have the ability to put your own customer background on there if you wish, but due to the screen size you may have to mess with the picture a little bit before you download it.

There are 2 ways to change the background, either through the watch settings, or through your Samsung device in the Galaxy Fit Device Manager. I personally like doing it through the device manager since it is easier to navigate, Etc. Plus if you want to do a custom you would need to go through the manager anyway.

The bands are sold seperately as well, but they have plenty of color options to match your outfit (If you like to match)

All in all, I had fun with this part of the device, and still switch things up regularly.

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