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Sprint Product Ambassador: Gear Fit Quick Response


Although the Gear fit does not have the ability to have a full keyboard, voice command, Etc. for texting it does have one great feature for texting that I use alot. "Quick Reply"

    With Quick reply you can still send messages from your Gear fit quickly and easily. All you have to do is go to your Gear Fit Manager from your Galaxy device, go to Settings, Edit Text Templates, and then click Add. I have about 20 replies right now for basic stuff. Like "Yes", "No", "Ill text you in a bit" and for my spouse, I have stuff like "I love you", "Hope your having a good day", "Hows your day?" Etc.

When you are busy, in a meeting, Etc. its a great quick way to stay in touch, but not get into an in depth conversation. So no more messages saying "Why dont you answer me?", "Are you there", Etc. You can now answer at any time quickly without a huge distraction of pulling out your phone, typing, or anything like that. Quick response has been great and I will continue to use it!

Your Product Ambassador Team!

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