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Sprint Product Ambassador: Heart Rate is Key with the Gear Fit


I have really been putting the Gear fit to the test. For the past 2 weeks i have been doing the P90X workout program and they of course require a heart rate monitor to make sure that you are in the right zone for maximum effectiveness. I can say it works very well. The only down side is that i have to pause the video or check on the break times since it does not want to record while i am moving, jogging, Etc. Since there are quite a few breaks in the workouts i dont see it as being that big of an issue for me though.

I think it is awesome that i can use my Gear Fit during any workout and be able to see my heart rate. It is very comfortable in my workouts and i hardly notice it is there.

I also have a family member that has some heart problems and have let them try the device. They do enjoy it because they already have to watch their heart rate regularly and with this device, they can still check their messages, emails, time, Etc. and not have an extra device for them all.

The sensor is located on top of your wrist as seen in the first photo below. When wearing it, you just press the heart rate option at the top and it will then read your heart rate.

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Overall this Gear Fit is great for anyone that is active and wanting to make sure they stay in that zone!

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