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Sprint Product Ambassadors: Samsung Gear Fit; the Razzles of Wearables?

Sprint Product Ambassador


Is it a candy or is it a gum?  That was always the marketing tagline for Razzles, that 70's candy that started off as a hard candy but the more you chewed it, became softer and eventually turned into gum.  There was really no great secret to Razzles; essentially they were just compressed pieces of powdered gum that you added water to (saliva) which then became gum.

I find myself thinking of my new Gear Fit as the Razzles of Wearables, in that I'm not sure if it's a fitness band or a smartwatch.  The great thing is that it fills both roles well, and on some days I rely it much more as a watch for calendar reminders, SMS, emails and missed calls while other days it's much more a fitness tracker for steps, running and sleep.

What I like about it:

  • It's well designed and good looking which is important.  You don't want to wear somethig on your wrist that stands out in all the wrong ways. With a superAMOLED screen, changable straps and subtle button placement, the content on the Fit surfaces when you want it to and stays hidden when you don't.  And man, that screen, it really embarrases my Jawbone Up and my Fitbit Force.  There is just no comparison between this gorgeous screen and an 8-bit type screen (Fitbit) and no screen at all (Jawbone).
  • It's customizable.  From icon placement to background color and style, you can really make your Gear Fit all your own, even placing photos as your wallpaper background.  You can also change the clockface/watch style so if you are feeling like more of a classic watch one day or a digital watch the next, you can change your Fit to suit your mood.  That's another advantage over the dedicated fitness bands; it is what it is one day to the next.  That's fine, but sometimes you want feature over function and the Gear Fit gives you that in spades.
  • It bugs me alot.. in a good way.  It surfaces notifications via a gentle vibration for new email, new SMS and calendar reminders; "Matt, you have a meeting in 15 minutes, remember?".  OK it doesn't say all of that but does show me calendar entries that are upcoming so I don't miss them.  If I'm deep into my work, I may not notice these same notifications on my phone unless it happens to be in my pocket and vibrating.  So for someone like me who needs to stay connected to email and calendar, the notifications on Gear Fit are awesome, and something I loved on it's original cousin, the Galaxy Gear.
  • The heart rate monitor. I really like this feature and it reminds me to take my readings every so often especially in a high stress job like mine (sometimes) and make sure I am not blowing up my circulatory system.  It seems to be pretty accurate and so far so good.  It's a great indicator of the shape of things to come as the wearables space moves toward more biometric tracking.
  • IP67 rated for water ingress protection and dust.  I hated that I had to take my Fitbit Force off in the shower or when I swam.  It's just another thing to think about and in my mind, there's absolutely no reason why a modern fitness tracker can't get wet or dirty.  None.  No more excuses Fitbit!

Where I personally think there can be some improvements:

  • I find that these fitness bands are not intelligent enough (yet). I want them to know when i am walking without me telling it by hitting start. want them to know when I'm running without me having to tell it I am.  Same with sleep; why doesn't it just know?  This is the real bummer because I forget to start and stop the sleep tracker when I go to sleep and wake up which results in lost trending of my sleep habits, the whole point of the tracking in the first place.
  • The pedometer. It's not the most accurate that I have seen and sometimes tells me I have walked 20,000 steps when I clearly was not as active as I might like to have been on that particular day.  I think this is something that Samsung can fine tune with software updates later down the line.
  • No straps yet. Many of us are wanting to buy the different color straps, but that is just a waiting game.  We hope they come soon!

While it has a ways to go to be the perfect tracker, it is miles ahead of some of the other trackers out there especially when it comes to the smartwatch functionality.  I encourage you to at least check it out epecially if you want one of the most cutting edge devices available today.

Until Next Time,

The Product Ambassador Team

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