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Galaxy Grand Prime Camera Leaves Me Feeling Hazy � Sprint Product Ambassadors


In a world where Samsung Note 5 and for that matter Note 4 & Note Edge with their 16 MP cameras or the iPhone with its iSight Camera, many of us have come to expect a pretty high standard of photo from the iconic phone category.  But what about phones on the other end of the spectrum, how do their cameras compare to one another?

Over the past year I have been able to use few devices in the same price range as the Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime, and definitely there is a difference between these devices.  Most of the time you can tell the difference based megapixel count, but when it came to the SGGP the 8 MP camera let me feeling a little hazy.  Maybe I expected more from Samsung, but when I compared my SGGP pics to the Sharp Aquos Crystal I saw the difference.  The pictures from my Sharp Aquos had cleaner lines and better sharpness.  Now don’t get me wrong, in well-lit areas my SGGP photos looked pretty good.  The lines could have been a little cleaner and sometimes it was hard to tell what the center focal point was.

On the other side of things I really liked the a couple of the camera features.  For instance the Animated GIF mode was a lot of fun and for Vine users or a quick Facebook post this mode is a must.  Basically your camera utilizes burst mode and puts them into a short “flip book” like animation.  Great for a fun way to show off an action shot.  Also the Rear Selfie mode was great upgrade for those of you who love taking selfies.  Simply hit the MODE button on screen, hit the shutter button then you get 2 seconds to line up your face for the picture. Personally I still have not been able to master the selfie and so mine stink.  At least with the SGGP they were a higher quality bad selfies of me (^_^). 

Your Product Ambassador Team

“The Product Ambassadors are Sprint employees from many different parts of the company that love phones. They volunteer to test out all sorts of Sprint devices and want to tell you what they think about them. Each Product Ambassador shares their own opinions of these phones. The information in this post does not necessarily reflect the opinions of Sprint.”