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My Desert Island 5 Apps on the Grand Prime - Sprint Product Ambassadors

Sprint Product Ambassador

If you have gotten a chance to use the Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime, you’ll know that it’s a solid device, especially for the price.  However, as with all handsets there is always a downside or something that is lacking.  This is even more true in the “mid-tier” space, where OEM’s sacrifice high end specs for a more reasonable cost to the end user.  One constant that I’ve seen with many of the mid-tier devices is a much smaller internal memory capacity across all OEM’s.  Of course, this limits the end-user’s ability to load the device up with all of the apps they would normally want to carry.  Fortunately, I’ve gotten a chance to use a lot of these mid-tier devices, so I have built a pretty good idea of what are my absolute MUST HAVE apps on any device.

The “Desert Island 5” moniker is kinda silly for this list, because… well… there probably wouldn’t be any cell service on a desert island, and you certainly wouldn’t have any “friends” to interact with.  That said, I can still give you a list of 5 apps that MUST have on any device, regardless of how big or small the memory.  I think it’s very appropriate for this device because of the lack of memory, and hopefully will help give you an idea of what you really HAVE to have on a device, as opposed to what you would LIKE to have. 

I’m gonna make a few caveats here - I’m not going to include the likes of cache cleaners, browsers,  malware/virus/security apps, or stock software because a lot of that is part of everyone’s setup.  Social networking apps are memory hogs, so you can choose to include or not include them in your “stock” load (having Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google+ is akin to having email anymore, so you can choose to have them on your stock load or not).  These would be apps that are NOT stock, where you could take it or leave it, but that - in your head - HAVE to be on your mobile device.

Please note that this is MY LIST.  This is NOT a statement on behalf of Sprint, or the Product Ambassador team, or residents of the Greater Philadelphia Metropolitan area, or anything like that.  I have no special deals with ANY of these app developers… I just really like their products, AND… they fit quite nicely on my Grand Prime.  You can agree or disagree with it, as I’m sure many of my Sprint workmates will, but they are what I’ve found to be 5 apps that I really can’t do without.

  1. Cam Scanner - Whenever I forget to load it, I make space to add it.  It is THE MOST USEFUL app out there.  Completely free, you can take pictures of any document/ID/picture and convert it to PDF or an image format.  Completely negates the need for a scanner, and makes sending written documents (with a signature even!) a complete snap.
  2. 1Weather - I talk about the weather.  I always look at the weather.  I love and hate the weather.  Snow, heat, rain, wind, allergies, riptides, tornados, hurricanes, and air quality alerts… these are all part of my daily lexicon.  I have kids and a wife who is hyper allergenic, so I have to.  This one seems to be the slickest and most accurate, contrary to what my grumpy ol’ dad says (I think he’s a Weatherbug guy, but for me that’s so 2014)
  3. Google Photos - not only backs up ALL of your photos that you take online, but also magically puts together stories, events, picture books, animations, effects, and other super - or as Google puts it, Auto-Awesome pics, vids, and collections.  I don’t care that Google sees everything I do in a photo journal from all of my mobile devices.  I like that I can see everything from any of my mobile devices or a browser.
  4. Hangouts - works with Google Voice, and allows me to send/receive calls over wifi in a pinch.  Also now allows group messages and MMS messaging.  Also does video calls.  Also cooks a mean steak… alright maybe not.  But definitely keeps me connected to others no matter what.  Has replaced my stock messaging app, and in some cases, has been my phone app when I have telephony issues.
  5. Spotify - I LOVE Spotify.  I use the subscription/premium version.  I said last year “Why would I EVER pay to listen to music?  I can listen to radio for free on an actual radio or using Pandora” and those are customizable.  I WAS WRONG.  I LOVE Spotify.  Someone actually explained it quite well to me in this way - if you buy 1 disc/album/tape/collection per month, Spotify Premium is worth the premium fee ($10/mo?).  The only downside is no Tayler Swift, AC/DC, or the Beatles, but there’s other ways to get your fixes for that stuff (uhhh… YouTube? Hello!!!!).  I LOVE Spotify - almost inexplicably.  I just love my playlists, my ability to pick almost any song I want, and then use it across multiple devices.  I LOVE Spotify.

So that’s it… that’s what I NEED to have.  I’m not a gamer anymore, but I’m sure that some of you are saying ‘How can he survive without Clash of Clans/Angry Birds/Age of War/Candy Crush’.  Whatever… the best game out there is Football Manager Handheld 2014 (FMH’14), but I can’t spend the appropriate amount of time playing it, so I’m not including it here. 

Do you have a list?  What are the apps that you ABSOLUTELY MUST have?


Disclaimer: The Product Ambassadors are Sprint employees from many different parts of the company that love technology. They volunteer to test out all sorts of Sprint devices and offer opinions freely to the Community. Each Product Ambassador shares their own opinions of these devices, therefore the information in this post does not necessarily reflect the opinions of Sprint. The PA's do not represent the company in an official way, and should not be expected to respond to Community members in an official capacity. #sprintemployee.