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Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime 1st impressions - CHOOSE WISELY: Sprint Product Ambassadors

Sprint Product Ambassador

If you are in the market for a “mid-tier” device, you HAVE to know what you are signing up for.  There are specs on this device that are obviously much lower than its flagship brethren.  Whether it’s the 8MP’s on the camera, or the 8GB’s of available memory, there will be something that is a step down. 

For me, it’s ALWAYS memory.


BUT… there’s always ways that you can make up ground for using lots of memory.

  1.   Limit your apps: Just don’t download the whole suite of apps!  If you don’t have to have Excel and Word and FoodNetwork’s recipe carousel on your phone, then don’t just load it for the sake of loading it!  Pare down to the essentials.
  2.   How much you sync: With Calendar, I sync 2 weeks back.  With email, I sync minimum 3 days, but try to squeeze a week… AND… I limit the size of my email messages.  With newsletters and ‘offers’ that I don’t really read, then I can just delete them without having downloaded a 2MB graphic-rich ad about Black Friday in July.
  3.   No attachments: Select to NOT automatically download attachments.  That will also recover a LOT of space in your email.
  4.   Dare I say… do away with Facebook?: Kind of impossible for me, but certainly reason enough to NOT start that Facebook account that all of your friends have been pushing you to create.  Facebook is far and away the biggest memory hog on any of my devices, so it hurts when I get a handset that is memory challenged.
  5.   Save to the cloud: The Grand Prime gives you (as a promotion) 100GB of space on One Drive.  Definitely worth it to sign up, and then you can push all of your documents and pictures/videos to the cloud so it doesn’t take up memory on your phone.

You can see in the attached pic that my memory is already full, and I have only had the device for about 10 days.  Hopefully I will be able to free up some space by adding a micro-SD card, but until then, I know that I will have to pick and choose the apps that I want and need to have on my mobile phone.

What apps do you HAVE to have on your device, and what is something that you can do without?