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Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime - Reject That Call - Sprint Product Ambassador

Sprint Product Ambassador

Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime - Reject That Call


     Ever get inundated with unwanted calls? Do you have that friend that you just don't feel like talking to at this time? Better yet you just broke up with someone and don't want to be bothered by them for the time being. Well this little ditty will save you some much needed grief. Included already in Android OS is the ability to automatically reject callers.

     The call rejection feature is not a much known feature but brings with it the power to control who can talk to you and when. This feature is accessed directly from the main phone application or from directly within in contact. The feature allows you to assign contact to the auto reject list. Whenever this caller calls you instead of ringing your phone they will immediately be directed to your voicemail. They will not get any message stating you are denying the call. Along with the capability to block direct users in the phone book you can add numbers directly to the list as well. One feature I find great is the ability to block "unknown" callers. There is a simple radial button you click to turn on and then any unknown number will go directly to your voicemail.

How to access the feature:


     Start off by accessing your phone dial pad screen. From here you will select the more button in the top right hand corner. In the drop down that appears select "settings". Under the call settings section will be an option listed as "Call Rejection". Select this option and you will be presented two additional options. Option one is the auto rejection list and the second is the rejection message. The rejection message is the feature used to send a text response to a caller rather than answering the call. This section you can modify the existing message options or add your own. For our current issue though we will be selecting the auto rejection list. From here you have multiple options for adding numbers to the rejection list. You can add the number you want to be reject directly in. Type the number then hit the Plus sign to add it. You can click the log button and then choose a number from your call log or select the contact in your contact list and their number can be added to the list. If you add a number to the list in error simply select the minus sign to have the number removed. Don't forget to select block all unknown numbers. A great feature to have added. After this sit back and relax and know you will no longer be bothered by unwanted calls.

Screenshot_2015-07-28-22-00-03.png Screenshot_2015-07-28-22-00-06.png Screenshot_2015-07-28-22-00-09.png Screenshot_2015-07-28-22-00-12.png Screenshot_2015-08-02-08-20-35.png

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