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Alarm clock doesn't ring while there are other notifications present on the phone


Alarm clock doesn't ring while there are other notifications present on the phone

(Sorry if this exact topic has been posted, I couldn't find it in the history. If you have a link, please post.)

I believe there is a bug in the alarm clock? I have the alarm clock set on the Mon - Fri and the Sat-Sun schedules. I have a downloaded .MP3 ringer as the alarm noise (because all the internal ones are simply terrible), it is a single beep that repeats quickly and loudly.

SW:ES.M800 BK14

If there is another notification on the phone that occurs during the night, like an email, text, etc. to get the blue star will push the alarm to a notification, but will not play the actual alarm and wake me up. It just becomes part of the blue star list of notifications.

I have been able to reproduce this behavior about 40% of the time. Some times it works, and others it doesn't. I haven't been able to figure out if it is a coinciding alert at the same time the alarm clock goes off because of delay timing I can't get just right.

My second beef with the alarm clock is that the "snooze" only plays the ringer ONCE, not until you wake up and turn it off.

Are others seeing these behaviors? I have had no other problems with my phone so I don't believe it is a hardward issue. Clearly having an alarm clock that doesn't ring is a huge problem since it won't do its intended function. (please no bashes on the rest of the misfunctioning functions of the Instinct)

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