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Anyone Tried the Jupiter Jack Yet?


Anyone Tried the Jupiter Jack Yet?

My little brother calls me today from his truck using his Palm Pre and tells me he's hands free using this Jupiter Jack device.

Sounds pretty clear, so I tell him to stop in and let's try some things with it.

Works with phone calls

Works with your music on your phone

Works with movies you have on your phone

Works with Navigation

It plays through the speakers in your car/truck

Also works with your home stereo unit.

Just plug it in to your headset jack, tune your radio station to the recommended station, turn it on, crank your volume, and your set to go...wireless and hands free....

I bought one for 10 bucks at my local Walgreens, and it's a pretty cool investment. Works on the Instincts too. May work with any cell phone, idk...

Anyways, here's the full Scoop

No affiliation by the way, and not a plug........just something I thought was cool for the price, and thought you might too



As someone who works at a retailer who sells the Jupiter Jack, I've noticed a small return rate on some of them. My advice is to keep your hands on your reciept's for at least 3 weeks to make sure your device isn't a dud. At least with a receipt in hand, most retailers would be very willing to swap any lemons. I'd like to hear more feedback on this.


My wife got one for her BB Curve.  Sometimes hearing her is a little choppy but not bad.  When I got home, I sat in the car and had our oldest call her from inside and it is amazingly clear listening to it from the speakers!  Overall, I am impressed but of course, you still have to use the phone to answer and hang up.  I havent messed with it much but do you have to leave the radio on that station or it will not work? Can you listen to cd's and it still work?  If not, I will just stick with my blue tooth


I mainly use it for wirelessly streaming my music, that's on my phone, through my home stereo ( speakers ) early in the morning, lol....

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