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Anyone else's weather stop working?


Anyone else's weather stop working?

About a week to a week and a half ago my weather stopped working and I don't know why. I didn't download anything new, just randomly one morning it wouldn't work. I click weather and it'll load like normal with "updating" "processing data" etc., then just show me a blank screen. It looks like the regular weather screen because it has that background, but it doesn't say anything anywhere, it's just all blank. I'm wondering if anyone knows whats going on here or if anyone else has the problem, because I don't want to reset my phone if I don't have to.


Re: Anyone else's weather stop working?

There were a lot of similar complaints about 6 weeks ago where various components of the handmark stuff just failed. Search through the older threads and you'll see. No one proposed anything that worked other than a full reset. You didn't want any of those settings or programs, did you?


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