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App Store


App Store

We really need one. I was messing around with my buddy's iPod Touch yesterday. There app store is unreal. Will we ever have something like that with the Instinct??

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Re: App Store

Absolutely not.


Re: App Store

It's doubtful.

Regarding the touch, I got one for Christmas and yes, the App store for itunes is quite impressive. I've got over 50 apps on my touch. Aside from a few of them, most everything else was free. Even if it was just a handful, I would love to see similar apps for the instinct.

Unfortunately, I just don't see anywhere near the development taking place for the instinct. And if apps do become available, I don't see them going for free.

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Re: App Store

Not from Sprint at this time, no.


We're focusing on providing an open platform for community based development - a great example is 


There's a great opportunity for a developer to make a handset-based interface to an online application store.

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