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App Store


App Store

We really need one. I was messing around with my buddy's iPod Touch yesterday. There app store is unreal. Will we ever have something like that with the Instinct??


Absolutely not.


It's doubtful.

Regarding the touch, I got one for Christmas and yes, the App store for itunes is quite impressive. I've got over 50 apps on my touch. Aside from a few of them, most everything else was free. Even if it was just a handful, I would love to see similar apps for the instinct.

Unfortunately, I just don't see anywhere near the development taking place for the instinct. And if apps do become available, I don't see them going for free.

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Not from Sprint at this time, no.


We're focusing on providing an open platform for community based development - a great example is 


There's a great opportunity for a developer to make a handset-based interface to an online application store.

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