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Backorder on Instinct...??


Re: Sorry to hear the issues with the Back orders but just to...

Thanks, I tried this as well. I went to a dealer, not knowingly because of the big Sprint sign out front. The one I normally went to has closed. Now my number is tied to the order, so even if I cancel I can't get the Sprint rebate because it shows I have already gotten it. I mentioned this to them because Best Buy offers instant mail in rebates, as well as the Sprint instant rebate. So, even if I cancel and am willing to wait on my refund, I will have to pay full price anywhere else. I hope that mine will be in tomorrow and I will be able to also trade my son's Centro in for an Instinct as well. They ordered from a different supplier, not Telesales. Again, thanks. Others may be able to take advantage of the Corporate stores stock.


Re: Backorder on Instinct...??

I ordered on Sprint's website on Wednesday night. I didn't know it was on backorder until I checked my status. That's when I check various fourms to see it's a large scale issue. On Friday I asked Telesales and e-Care if I could go to a Sprint store to pick up the phone there and then cancel my web order. I was told don't do it. I've been hearing various time frames when orders will be shipping out from tomorrow to next Friday. Any idea why I was told not to go to a corporate store and wait what could be 2 weeks for it?

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