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Bank Of America not working!!!?!?!??! HELP!~!~


Re: Bank Of America not working!!!?!?!??! HELP!~!~

Skyfire supports flash

on Mobile phone running Nokia Series60, 3rd Edition or Windows Mobile 5 or 6

i.e. I will run on something like a Mogul, HTC Touch Diamond, Touch Pro etc... (on Sprint)


Re: Bank Of America not working!!!?!?!??! HELP!~!~

Samsung Instincts are entering a state where User Data Requests are sent over Slot 0. This causes all data requests to error out in either a 'Connection Failed' or '502 Proxy Error'.

All data applications are affected when devices are in this state.

It is undetermined at this time what causes the devices to enter this state.

Temporary Work Around

Perform Network_Initiated OMA session (NI-DC). This is the same as retriggering 3G Data Parameters to be sent to the device

Instructional Note: This issue only corrects the issue temporarily until the device again enters the state where user traffic is sent over Slot 0

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