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Battery Removal Method - Still Works


Battery Removal Method - Still Works

if you're like me, where i rarely ever remove the battery. if low, i just plug the phone to recharge (via wall or car charger). especially when i had a case around it, as it was a pain to unsnap.

well, recently this week, i had uncaught exception from pandora, video from PE wouldn't start with java error and none of the tv stations would play (live or ondemand) with media player error. i thought maybe it was because the battery was low (yellow 40%), so plugged it in, but still same issues.

so, i did the olde 'remove the battery method' and left it out for a couple of minutes.  after that, everything is back to normal (as normal can be).  

<Original M800, unhacked>

Journeyman GWS

Re: Battery Removal Method - Still Works

Yeah, the problem with the M800 is that when you start up an app, you can't shut it off completely.  It keeps running in the background and bogs down the phone.  So removing the battery for a couple of minutes (I usually do it for about 30 seconds) is the only way to shut off the music player, etc.

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